Art, Artists, and Galleries in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a multicultural metropolis with a flourishing art scene. You can see it in its world-class museums, in galleries scattered all over the city, in the streets, and even in dining venues and hotels. Art is a lifestyle in Tel Aviv – embraced and celebrated by all.

Tel Aviv is also the birthplace of many famous Israeli artists. Names like Tamar Getter, Raffi Lavie, Menashe Kadishman, Barry Frydlender, Ilit Azoulay, and Rami Maymon are just some of the stellar creators who shape the contemporary art scene in the “city that never sleeps.”

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The most iconic art institution in the city, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art safeguards precious treasures ranging from local contemporary art, international works, prints and drawings, photography, architecture and design, and art from the 16th to the 19th century. Take a moment to observe the new home of the museum, the Herta and Paul Amir Building – an edifice reminiscent of origami art.

Sderot Sha’ul HaMelech 27, Tel Aviv-Yafo – 03-607-7020


Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art

Part of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art complex, the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art hosts changing exhibitions in different genres, all reflecting trends and tendencies in Israeli and international art.

Tarsat Ave 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo – 03-528-7196

Besides the legendary Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the city has many other worthwhile spots that will satisfy your cravings for visual virtuosity. Here are some of the most interesting.


Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art

You’ll find this sophisticated art gallery in the heart of the White City, in the historic Twin Houses built in the 1920s in Bauhaus-style by the architect Joseph Berlin. Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art hosts changing exhibitions in a variety and media, from abstract pieces to photography and complex installations.

Maze St 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo – 03-620-0068


Yair Art Gallery

Yair Art Gallery is a space dedicated to those Israeli artists who are often ignored by the mainstream art scene. The works are curated by art collector Yair Shulevitz. The gallery hosts both solo and group exhibitions and has art for sale too.

Shlomo Ibn Gabirol St 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo – 03-695-6927


Givon Art Gallery

Founded by Noemi Givon and Nurit Wolf in 1979, this gallery specialises in Modernist art and showcases changing exhibitions by established Israeli artists, welcoming exceptional emerging talent too. The gallery represents well-known artists such as Raffi Lavie, Pinchas Cohen Gan, Moshe Gershuni, Efrat Natan, and Moshe Kupferman, among others.

J. L. Gordon St 35, Tel Aviv-Yafo – 03-522-5427


Zemack Contemporary Art (ZCA)

Zemack Contemporary Art (ZCA) aims to promote the next generations of Israeli talent and counts as one of the leading art galleries in Tel Aviv. They have rotating exhibitions in a variety of genres. You can expect digital and multimedia art, mixed media, photography, sculptures, paintings, installations, and more.

Hei be-Iyar St 68, Tel Aviv-Yafo – 03-691-5060


Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art

A fascinating art space in the heart of the White City, this gallery showcases thought-provoking, forward-thinking works by established Israeli artists in its main exhibition area. A separate experimental space is reserved for debut exhibitions by emerging artists.

Ahad Ha’Am St 60, Tel Aviv-Yafo – 03-566-0123


Farkash Gallery

Established in 1948, the Farkash Gallery is a veritable institution in the Old City of Jaffa. It is famous for hosting the world’s largest collection of Israeli posters, but it also features works on paper, oil paintings, and sculptures.

Mazal Dagim St 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo – 054-686-8687


Sommer Contemporary Art

A Tel Aviv institution since 1999, the Sommer Contemporary Art gallery aims to promote Israeli artists locally and on the international art scene. International artists are invited to create site-specific installations in the gallery based on research and dialogue with local artists and art institutions.

Rothschild Blvd 13, Tel Aviv-Yafo – 03-516-6400


Altmans Gallery

This boutique gallery specialises in lithographs and engravings and showcases artworks by world masters like Dali, Chagall, Matisse, and Warhol. The gallery collection also features modernist and post-war art, ceramics, porcelain, and sculpture.

Mazal Shor St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo – 03-681-7733


Ilana Goor Museum

This art museum is in Old Jaffa, in a historic building dating from 1742. It’s an unconventional space curated by Ilana Goor herself – featuring her sculptures and art collected over more than 50 years by the artist from travels in Israel and abroad. The experience is moving and thought-provoking, as Goor designed the space to make a powerful artistic and social statement. Particularly, the “Monk’s Room” serves as the showcase of Goor’s work “The Morning After” with sculptures that evoke the cycle of life and death.

Mazal Dagim St 4, Tel Aviv-Yafo – 03-683-7676


Artspace Tel Aviv

Artspace Tel Aviv is an art and artists’ centre and gallery with a pluralistic approach presenting exhibitions, lectures, and events. It works as a visitor centre offering information about the Kiryat Ha’Melacha art neighbourhood of Tel Aviv, art tours, maps, and art workshops. If you are interested, Artspace Tel Aviv also coordinates visits to artists’ studios in the neighbourhood.

Shvil ha-Merets 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo – 03-672-5124


Center for Contemporary Art (CCA)

The Center for Contemporary Art is a non-profit organisation with a focus on experimental art that inspires and provokes. CCA produces four to six unique exhibitions annually and organises all kinds of cultural events, including art talks, lectures, screenings, panels, and much more. The building housing the CCA has two exhibition spaces, which often have solo exhibitions of high calibre.

Tsadok ha-Cohen St 2a, Tel Aviv-Yafo – 03-510-6111


Beit Ha’ir Museum

The Beit Ha’ir Museum is inside the historic Town Hall of Tel Aviv in the Bialik Complex, part of the White City of Tel Aviv. The museum hosts contemporary art exhibitions and a permanent exhibition called “The City Uncovered to the Eye.” The permanent exhibition documents the history of Tel Aviv from its inception to the present in unique photographic displays, including private photo albums that belonged to city founders, residents, immigrants, and tourists.

Bialik St 27, Tel Aviv-Yafo – 03-724-0311

These are just some of the galleries and spaces that celebrate art in all its forms in the city. As you explore its streets, you will find plenty to see. For example, Kiryat Ha’melacha is one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods of Tel Aviv, with a powerful art scene, dominated by graffiti, galleries, and art studios. Some say that this neighbourhood produces half of the art available in the city. The Florentin neighbourhood is famous for street art and graffiti. You’ll find fantastic murals along the Tel Aviv beachfront too. Look for works by Dede – a Tel Aviv-born artist known for his band-aid murals but also for anti-establishment, social, and political graffiti. The conclusion is evident: art is lifestyle in Tel Aviv.

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